About us

Ortiz Gaming is a leading
multinational company in the
gaming industry

When you think of Bingo, you think of Ortiz Gaming!

Our passion for innovation and technology has made us into a successful and permanent giant in the global industry.
We currently have activities in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.

We provide the best gaming products on the market, ranging from physical machines to mobile platforms, continually offering our players new experiences.

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Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values

To provide the best gaming products for players, increase time-in-chair and expand the business growth of our partners.

To become number one in the gaming industry through innovation and excellence

To provide the best business opportunities with the highest return on investment.

To offer the most exciting, interactive and engaging experience.

To motivate them to be the best in their field of expertise.

• Trust and partnership in our business
• Honesty, ethics and transparency in every transaction
• Design and comfort to provide best products for players

• New ideas and teamwork
• Innovation and quality
• Healthy work environment


Alejandro Ortiz began working in the gaming industry in 1995, when he reinvented Bingo machines, introducing a revolutionary concept to the industry, and making Bingo a profitable and sought after game. Before the new millennium, he was already a pioneer in the gaming industry.


Ortiz Gaming was founded

Ortiz Gaming was established with the mission to provide the best gaming products for players.

This is what Ortiz Gaming is all about.

We strive for excellence in every detail: ensuring that all titles are fun, and full of adventure, and the games are easy to play, available in various formats and have the best sound and image quality available.

With the help of our expert professionals working in numerous countries, we are able to continually offer innovative products, services, and a wide range of gaming options.


We understand how the industry is advancing, and to meet the demands of the emerging gaming market we created Ortiz Interactive. Ortiz Interactive has cuttingedge technology to satisfy the current needs of our partners, delivering great entertainment for players on multiple devices.

We are bringing our games closer to people and this is only the beginning. Ortiz Gaming is taking innovation a step further.