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ICE gets better and better every year

Monday, 06 March 2017 18:59

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Maurilio Silva, President Ortiz Gaming, spoke in exclusive with SoloAzar after the company participation at ICE Totally Gaming 2017, where cabinets and games for every market were introduce.


What did you introduce at the trade show?

At ICE this year we focused on highlighting products for every region. With a variety of cabinets and games for every market; as well as some upgrades to our OrtiZone and Bingotronic products. OrtiZone is a Turnkey solution which will turn any space into a gaming area, new upgrades to the platform, presented at ICE, make the product virtually customizable for any operator.

Similarly, Bingotronic is the Ortiz Gaming Bingo Hall lounge it takes elements of interactive gaming and brings them into the traditional bingo hall. Its multi-location functionalities, jackpot, and tournament setups make it a flexible solution for both land-base and interactive gaming operators.

How was this year show?

ICE gets better and better every year. The show stays relevant with the changes to the industry, so it’s a great place to understand emerging markets and see the inspiration of the gaming industry of tomorrow.

How do you see European market? What are the countries in the European region that stand out in their evolution in the gambling industry?

Europe is a diverse market, so diverse that many times the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are in Europe. When looking at specific markets we group them based on their unique features, regulation, demographics, and economy to name a few. We take a very close look at what is that market, and Europe we don’t see one gaming entity, but a multi-market to approach. We are continuing our expansion in areas of Spain, parts of the UK; while Ortiz Interactive has begun expansion in a few of the markets in the region. We maintain a progression into these markets and review potential expansion where possible. Overall, reflected by ICE the European market is growing and has some exciting new opportunities down the pipeline.

Advances in technology pose a new type of player, a new generation. How does the company adapt to the need to maintain players’ attention?

It is inevitable that technology is evolving the way players interact with the games, as well as their expectations. We have seen this in various industries where the technology adaptation curve is much steeper than in the gaming industry. Learning from other hi-tech successes in various industries it is clear the common denominator is FUN. This has been built into the philosophy of Ortiz Gaming since its inception, and we strive to always make our games FUN while implementing the most advanced technologies. This has been a key pillar to our success. Maintaining this formula throughout the evolution of generations, technology, and players, allows us to adapt and maintain a strong fan base. 

How do global political changes affect the gambling market?

Globally there are many mutually and parallel political climate changes. Some of these changes pose significant opportunities, while others still evolve with a cloud of uncertainty in regards to the legislative, regulatory and economic effect to the current and emerging gaming industries. Change in any effect from external and internal influences is always a guarantee. We are studying the possible impacts of the political precedences on the gaming industry, to be prepared for any outcome and circumstance. As a multinational company, we must maintain a balance between rigidity we enter and operate in markets with such robust regulatory and compliance entities and resilience as no two markets are alike. This is an essential characteristic of any company, especially operating in the gaming market. 

What are the company plans for this year?

Ortiz Gaming has been flourishing over the past decade. The past few years we have had tremendous growth globally, and we credit this to our dedication to research and development. This year we will continue on this track of innovation and technology with an ambitious product plan to deliver throughout the year.

What other shows you will be present this year?

We will have a presence at all major shows this year. Maintain our stout research and development approach, our biggest presence will be at G2E this year, where we will plan a mega multi-product launch of this year’s discoveries and innovations. 


Source: SoloAzar Exclusive




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