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Ortiz Gaming in VI Andaluz Expo Congress

Monday, 26 February 2018 11:33

"We are corroborating - explain the people in charge of the stand of ORTIZ GAMING in the 6th Andalusia Expo Congress - that the redistribution of images on the screen from which our games are offered dazzles all who visit us”.

The visualization and also the sound of these videobingos suppose a reinvention of the game, "in order that the player is much more relaxed". That has involved a new generation of plates to obtain "infinitely more attractive games where the player's eye is located in what truly makes him enjoy his leisure time. In this way there is no visual tension or wear of the player, but at the same time the emotion is multiplied to be able to concentrate on the key elements of the development of the game ".


As already stated to AZARPLUS Rafael Soto, Partner and Managing Director of ORTIZ GAMING, "This type of game has its success and its determining quality test in its ability to retain the user, in making him enjoy his time and for that he has to offer many things simultaneously".

In this meeting at the Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos, it can be seen that the first of these elements is amply present: "The games designed by Alejandro Ortiz are unique and demonstrate again and again their incredible creative height and the breadth with which we consider all the circumstances of the game, from lighting to furniture, from colors to the ergonomics of the cabinet."

Ángel Armada from the Commercial Department of ORTIZ GAMING continues to explain this line of work at the stand: "To provide our models with additional advantages such as chargers for mobiles or ports and of course with a configuration that makes it very comfortable to be able to drink something while playing or dine while enjoying and winning prizes, it is something that corresponds perfectly with our idea that playing is a time of leisure ".

And with ORTIZ GAMING there is always something more on the horizon of innovations: two models with a new line, we would say that challenging, are aligned in the exhibition. They are the latest in the O-Future range and their approval is about to occur, so we will continue to have much to talk about with ORTIZ GAMING.

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