2013 Was a Significant Year for Ortiz Gaming with Perspectives of a Great 2014

ORTIZ GAMING has its debut with his Video Bingo in Andalucia

AZARplus - Late last year, ORTIZ GAMING, the first and largest company in the world providing Video Bingo, celebrated their exposure and expansion in the great setting of the Parador de Gibralfaro in Málaga. The show was for Bingo entrepreneurs from Andalucía. Ortiz Gaming showed their most recognized titles in addition to new games. It was a significant demonstration with the presence of the ORTIZ GAMING general director and partner, Rafael Soto and commercial director, Angel Armada, predicting a great year in 2014 for the company after the excitement and strengthening of the company’s machines in many regions.

During the event, guests were able to actively participate in the show, where they were able to demo the ORTIZ GAMING machines, discovering what makes ORTIZ GAMING the best choice. Under the amazing Parador Nacional where there is one of the best views of Malaga, once again ORTIZ GAMING reclaimed its commitment to the main and most important Bingos operators in Andalusia.

ORTIZ GAMING would like to thank all participants for their valuable input, experiences shared and good vibes on this magnificent day for Bingo Andalucía.