Alejandro Ortiz Reveals Ortiz Gaming's Success in an Exclusive Interview

Ortiz Cash

“I wanted to make sure ortiz gaming stayed focused on player’s fun and entertainment, and i attribute our international success to this”

Could you describe the origins of the company, and how it became larger and multinational?

Coming into the gaming industry, my vision was to expand operations progressively and firmly always delivering the highest quality of products. I wanted to make sure Ortiz Gaming stayed focused on player’s fun and entertainment, and I attribute our international success to this.

We started the company with a precise focus and with every step of our companies’ growth before we took any pivotal step, we studied each market, each industry’s intricacies, and formulated a decisive action plan. Taking these steps ensured Ortiz Gaming never compromised producing and delivering the best products, and in many ways guaranteed our success in those new markets. Following these uncompromising steps quickly has made Ortiz Gaming one of the first and largest providers of electronic Bingo gaming machines in the world.

Which are, in your opinion, the advantages of your products to consolidate in such a competitive segment as slots?

Ortiz Gaming products stand apart from typical slots, what is unique about our games is how the bingo component creates a fun and exciting experience for the player, different from the average slot game. Players aren't just watching a reel spin, they are engaged in an interactive game. Moreover, the Extra Ball function, featured in all of our games, offers players up to ten extra chances to keep playing and increasing their winnings; this is atypical of a slot game. From the surround sound and high definition animations to the ergonomic designs in our cabinet lines, every aspect of our machines have been designed to enhance the player’s experience.

The Ortiz Gaming products are competitive in the slot segment, although many times are considered a new theme and area of revenue for a casino. The games subsequently have a new demographic of players which are interested in this new subset nomenclature of video bingo, which we have created.

What are ortiz gaming short-term goals?

Ortiz Gaming has expanded quickly into some major markets over the past two years while firmly maintaining our presence internationally, we will proceed down this path in the interim. Ortiz Gaming has some new advancements and product lines which we are working on for release in the near future, and some recently released products like the O-Circle cabinet, and O-Gaming online gaming products which will be entering the market in the near future. Indicating this will be a big year for Ortiz Gaming.

How do you see the company in 10 years' time?

From the inception of Ortiz Gaming, the vision and mission has been undeterred by growth: To provide entertainment and happiness to people through our products, and to add to the business growth of our clients. This has been the secret to our success, and I foresee this being the secret 10 years from now as well. Gaming is an always evolving industry and the technological, social and economic changes to come are hard to predict, but Ortiz Gaming will evolve with the industry. Our company reinvests a large portion of its profits in technology and development, and find that this is essential to growth in an ever changing industry.

Can you assess the achievement of the company after the arrival to such a competitive market as the united states?

In 2014 Ortiz Gaming became one of the top gaming manufacturers in North America, and the most significant Bingo manufacturer in this market. This is a huge achievement in such a competitive market. We assess that even with these accolades there is still room for growth in the United States, and look forward to the continued opportunity.

Do you think that the development of the online gambling market will have an influence in the way you shape your products?

Ortiz Gaming presented at G2E 2014 our newest O-Gaming products for the online gambling market. Although there are some similarities between online and brick-and-mortar casino products, they are shaping to be two very different markets. At its core our products are known for the fun engaging experience the customers enjoy playing our games. Each product weather online or a machine in a casino will have its own unique features developed to engage the player in each of these very different environments. A great example of one of these custom features is Sky Paper, which announces a jackpot winner with confetti creating an exciting community gaming experience which can only be experienced in person.

Considering that you have a strong presence in the mexican market, do you think that the new law will help such market to start growing?

Anything illegal hurts not only our business, but the industry and government, thus detrimental to society as a whole. This sector must have legal certainty to encourage investment and healthy growth. We consider a shift in the law would create an environment favorable to all of the industry and will begin to encourage development. New laws would generate investment, new employment, and lift the industry with the generation of taxes.

Which do you think will be the future markets for your company?

Maintaining our strategy, I see Ortiz Gaming growing into more markets and expanding throughout each of the continents which we already have a strong presence in. We are exploring new markets, but will only plan when we can firmly and decisively enter a market without conceding our vision. For now our future holds growth through the addition of machines in multiple countries, and the creation of profitability for a casino by providing productions which encourages fun and happiness to players.

Alejandro Ortiz exclusive interview with Yogonet’s new online publication, TalkINC.Gaming Business