Ortiz Gaming featured in Casino Enterprise Management Magazine

Casino Enterprise Exclusive - Global Gaming Expo: The Best Of 2014 Special G2E Coverage

Ortiz Gaming celebrated the opening of G2E’s tradeshow floor with the amazing unveiling of its new O-Circle Cabinet. The new cabinet featured a 42-inch curved display and 5.1 surround sound all included to enhance the player’s game experience. As Gary Green, senior consultant to the president, put it, “The world’s not flat. The world is round, it’s curved! What this game does is it immerses the player into the game. You really become part of this game.” According to a press release, O-Circle prototype will be available during 2015’s first quarter.

Apart from the exciting cabinet unveiling, the prominent message Ortiz Gaming shared at this year’s G2E was the Ortiz Standard. The Ortiz Standard redefines the usual expectations of average game performance. Green explained, “The way the Ortiz Standard works is the Ortiz games start below the floor average. They catch on to the players, and then the games go up to the floor average. They climb above the floor average and they stay at a multiple the floor average.” Green was certain that as the Ortiz Standard comes to be understood by operators, the more those operators would start to rethink the metrics of their gaming floors. “It’s a new way of thinking about the slot floor and that’s the magic.”

Ortiz did not share the uncertainty brought on by the recent rush of consolidations. Instead, Green said, “It’s more to get excited about. There’s always an expansion and a contraction in any industry. We’re happy to see it. We’re not directly involved in it but we are certainly on the fringes of it and enjoy it.”