Ortiz Gaming Increases the Slot Floor Revenue with its Standard Ortiz

SoloAzar Exclusive - The multinational developer of Electronic Slot and Bingo gaming machines, Ortiz Gaming has created the next evolutionary step in the slot floor with the Ortiz Standard. The math of the game structure has made leaps in redefining a slot floor, coupled with exciting graphics and vibrant sounds the Ortiz Gaming is ‘raising expectations’ and profits.

The Ortiz Standard is proven in 14 countries encompassing North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and it not only increases win-per-unit but redefines the expectation of the floor average performance.

The company considers that “the key is the Extra Bonus Ball” because it allows players a chance to increase their bet in exchange for an additional chance at winning. So, players will receive the opportunity to purchase an extra ball towards a possible winning combination.

Every slot player who has ever been one symbol short of a jackpot, bonus game, or big win would pay a portion of their potential winnings to for a second chance at that prize. The Extra Bonus Ball, offers a second, third, up to ten extra chances to win.

The cost of this extra ball is calculated based on the bet and the new odds of winning, the first few bingo balls may be free or a lower cost, motivating the player to continue. The Extra Bonus Ball engages players to continue to increase their bet versus starting a new game. This engagement creates on average 9 times the initial bet in Coin-in.

According to the company, the Standard Ortiz is done in two parts, allowing seamless play of 4 games at once with the Extra Bonus Ball functions both parts independently increasing revenue, while generating time-in-chair. “Ortiz Gaming machines are truly the next evolutionary step of slot floors”, they affirm.

Additionally, Ortiz Gaming’s highly-experienced professionals working in numerous countries, are constantly adding innovative products and services to its cabinets, library of games, and wide range of gaming offerings.