Ortiz Gaming Install Its Video Bingo Machines at the Newly Opened Salón Banús & Azar

Belonging to Automáticos Milenium Group and based in Puerto Banús.

Ortiz Gaming, the world's leading Video Bingo game manufacture, has installed its machines in Puerto Banús in the newly opened Salón de Juegos Banús & Azar belonging to Automáticos Milenium Group.

Ortiz Gaming has installed new "Triple Star", "Dulce Mania" and "Sky Bonus" games. The fresh games in which the player can enjoy amazing graphics and surround sound that creates an excellent environment for leisure and fun in any room.

These new titles offer increased random prizes with the system, "Sir Prize" which will surprise the players making by entering them in a drawing for valuable prizes, creating a new level of very fun and enjoyable entertainment to these games.

Operators get the added value of these new titles strong and stable revenues, creating new gaming options in video bingo machines.