Ortiz Gaming outperforms in Philippines video bingo sector

Ortiz Cash

Fabio Moretti, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ortiz Gaming explains that the future is looking bright for the company in the Philippines market.

International Casino Review: From Ortiz Gaming‘s perspective what makes the Asia-Pacific market so attractive at the moment?

Fabio Moretti: The gaming industry in the Asia Pacific continues to enjoy growth: the economic indicators are positive for most countries in the region, big investments are being made, with governments getting an important share in form of tax revenue and fees which in turn benefits the region’s wider economic development.

This trend has been already going on for few years and Cambodia and the Philippines are the perfect example of this situation.

Even Macau is recovering the ground lost in the past few years and revenue is quickly returning to 2014 levels. Vietnam is looking to expand its market by finally allowing locals to play in selected venues, while other countries in the area such as Myanmar, Laos, and Japan are looking at legalising casinos. So, there is still much room for growth, and Ortiz Gaming intends to be part of that positive narrative.

ICR: Where are you currently operating in the Asia-Pacific region?

FM: At the moment we are only operating in the Philippines; last year we outperformed in the video bingo space in terms of performance per machine; we were also the first supplier in the country to have installed units in a major local casino.

We have great expectations for our performance this year and we already exceeded our targets for the first quarter. All the indicators are in place for an even brighter 2018 for both, Ortiz Gaming as well as this industry segment in the Philippines.

ICR: Which products are doing well for you in the Philippines?

FM: Several of our games – Goal Mania, Smash Bingo, Ace Mania – are currently among the top performers in the market; however many SE Asian markets are still not familiar with the video bingo concept.

For us, this represents a both a huge opportunity and quite a challenge at the same time.

Looking ahead, for the future we are planning to further expand our footprint in the Philippines and also hope to introduce our products into other regulated jurisdictions in the region.

This year we will be debuting a new cabinet, along with additional content developed with Filipino players in mind, and we believe that these could also appeal to the wider Asia market.

ICR: Do you operate any offices in Asia or do you use a distributor?

FM: We have our main office in Manila which benefits from its strategic location, given that it’s only few hours flight from a number of south-east Asian countries.

We prefer to have our own distribution channel; it helps us to better understand the real needs of the market and its customers. In this way we are able to provide a customised service and premium products for the region.

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