Ortiz Gaming presents its new Fiesta product line

Ortiz Cash

The company, specializing in premium video bingo products, had announced the launch of its new Fiesta Line on the market, which will be available for diferrent platforms and cabinets of the company.

According to Ortíz Gaming, the new product line includes community bonuses that work independently with each player, which is a novelty in the video bingo.

In addition, this line is integrated into its most classic and successful games, as well as new games, such as “Bubble Mania”, “Rodeo Bingo”, “All Star Bingo” and “Dino Bingo”, among others.

"This is exciting our users, who know that quantity is not synonymous of quality," they assured from the company. "The Fiesta line is surprising the sector, due to the immediate acceptance it has had, since the games have more life and more interaction, adding products like Ghost Ball, Magic Pot, Big Bingo, O-Magic and the innovative Pop Pot ", they emphasized.

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