Ortiz Gaming Secures Strong and Stable Revenues to Casino Operators, and Fun and Prizes for Players

The STAR 33 Group bet on Ortiz Gaming for another of its Madrid casino floors.

AZARplus - ORTIZ GAMING, the first and largest company providing Video Bingo in the World, just installed its machines in the Salón de Juego Alfonso XII from STAR Group 33, in Móstoles, Madrid. It is a strong bet for this Salón to have the famous games Triple Star and Dulce Mania. These games are packed full of fun, new software, and are backed by excellent graphics and immersive sounds that spread excitement throughout the room.

Thanks to the Sir Prize system, which increases the already impressive awards that have clients from Bingos Halls seeking these games for their entertaining, fun and interesting prizes.

In this important game room from STAR 33 Group, in Móstoles, the group has already installed and had success with Ortiz Gaming’s most popular games for customers and owners: Ace Mania and El Pez.

Ortiz Gaming is won over by that the choice of installing these new games in Salón de Juego Alfonso XII, because of their widely proven track record of providing strong and stable revenues to the owners by providing great Video Bingo machines with unmatched customer entertainment.