Ortiz Gaming to Raise Expectation at the National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow and Conference in San Diego Booth 2233

Ortiz Cash

Ortiz Gaming is poised to once again dazzle Tribal Casinos at the 2015 National Indian Gaming Association’s (NIGA) tradeshow and convention this spring.

In previous years Ortiz Gaming took center stage on the tradeshow floor, and this year the company will continue their legacy with their newest products highlighted under a sure-to-excite display; featuring their newest cabinet, O-Circle, which triumphed at the Global Gaming Expo this past October.

The O-Circle is a skyscraping cabinet with a 42” immersive HD touch screen curved display, with surround sound and programmable lighting. This soaring technological advancement creates an unforgettable gaming experience, and is truly built for player engagement. O-Circle is the most recent addition to the Ortiz Gaming lineup of sleek cabinets, which includes the O-Future Cabinet one of Ortiz Gaming’s most high-tech and visually stunning cabinets. The O-Future cabinet has a unique cutting edge design, adaptable lighting for different types of games, and HD dual-array screens. The O-Future provides Ortiz Gaming titles and animations with amazing realism and definition.

Each cabinet design from Ortiz Gaming will be highlighted with a line of exciting new games designed to accentuate their individual features. Games like Triple Turbo are designed specifically for the O-Circle, and as Ortiz Gaming’s first racing themed game, gives players an interactive drive down a race track, emphasizing the cabinet’s curves and immersive gaming design.

In addition to exhibiting evolutionary products and games at the trade show, Ortiz Gaming’s senior consultant, Gary Green, will be moderating a conference session on slot floor analysis. Gary Green is a seasoned expert in the gaming industry and author of the books “Gambling Man” and “Marketing Donald Trump”. His diverse background as a casino operator, coupled with his insight into the evolutionary and innovative Ortiz Standard, will guarantee an intriguing and insightful session on slot floor management. The Ortiz Standard is used in more than14 countries to generate increased slot revenue and time-in-chair.