The Can't Miss Gaming Products at G2E

Casino Journal Exclusive - Improved Gaming Products are set to Astound on the Global Gaming Expo Show Floor

Better Touch is a new lottery style game from Ortiz Gaming. In true Ortiz Gaming style, players can play up to four lottery-tickets at once, and are offered multiple bonuses throughout the game. Game play begins after a player chooses their favorite six numbers on each lottery ticket. The lottery balls are drawn, highlighting winning numbers on each card. A jackpot triggers gold sequins lighting up the screen while gold coins rain down. The bonuses in Better Touch are activated by different colored balls making up the lottery number combination. If a player draws a green or a purple lottery ball in their lottery winning combination they can earn up to three times their winnings. With these extra bonuses and the ability to play additional lottery tickets at once, this game is a new revolution in lottery. Better Touch is available in Class II and Class III formats.