The latest releases of Ortiz Gaming

Ortiz Cash

One of Ortiz Gaming's latest flagship products contributed decisively to the volume of visits its stand received at the recent tradeshow held in Las Vegas, G2E 2017. We review the latest releases that distinguish the multinational in the vanguard and leadership.

The world supplier of Video Bingo games does not miss an event. Its presence and leadership are permanently based on the i + d + i, so his presence in the Global Gaming Expo was necessary as one of the leaders of the sector. Creations as the new motherboard AVC12 with curved touch screen 42" 4K definition or a wide range of new video bingo games make stops focus on the company, founded in 1995. There is no truce when leadership is exercised and there is a vocation to remain at the forefront permanently through innovation, a feature that is equally extendable and applicable to the European part, which Rafael Soto exercises with equal success.

Within the success of the brand in G2E, it is worth highlighting certain differential aspects, such as the Ortizone that allows playing from any point of a Casino or from home directly. Or the new games for O-FUTURE cabinets, Rodeo and Bubble; People spoke wonders about graphics and sounds at the exit. Or the invention of a community prize that has been called the Pop Pot, which increases the chances of the player. Needless to say, the reception always in these cases is more than positive.

Rafael Soto, as Partner and General Director of Ortiz Gaming EUROPE has proven know-how to continue in the gap thanks to a bomb-proof credentials and a real team whose work environment we have not talked about or need to do: See the choral corporate photos and its results. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

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