The Ortiz Gaming's New Online Platform has Generated a Great Impact at Ice

SoloAzar Exclusive - Ortiz Gaming has showcased with great impact and success among its customers, the new online platform of video bingo, O-Gaming at the London show.

Now, the player can enjoy on his/her smartphone, tablet or pc the same experience that he/she has lived in machines from bingos or gaming rooms through the online platform of video bingo, O-Gaming. All games are available in O-Gaming, so it expands the offering of casinos, bingos and gaming rooms for players. It brings them a new way of play.

Whether through the server of the gaming room or the Online server, the best provider of video bingo of the world has led its successful games from the land-based to online casinos, be it 3x5 bingo, 5x5 bingo or lottery game...

O-Gaming is a new way to enter the Ortiz Gaming’s circle, who plays to win.