With a Successful Global Profile

Interview from Games Magazine - Alejandro Ortiz, president and founder of Ortiz Gaming Group, emphasizes the consolidation of the company in Europe and Latin America, and the very good reception at new markets such as the U.S. and Asia.

He explains the value of constant innovation and a mission to make the players feel special through a rewarding experience of entertainment and excitement.

Passion, adventure, emotion. What are the main virtues of gambling that make it so attractive and have led to your complete devotion to this industry?

Passion, adventure, and emotion are precisely the virtues we seek to deliver to players. The Ortiz Gaming mission statement is “To provide entertainment and happiness to people through our products, and to add to the business growth of our clients.” We take this seriously, when Ortiz Gaming creates a game we seek to make the players have an unforgettable experience of entertainment and excitement. We build our games to have high definition pictures, crisp sound and features which enhance the gaming experience. Ortiz Gaming’s goal is to create an environment around the player which makes them feel special, and part of the magic of the game. By focusing on our customers we are able to deliver quality customer service to both gaming operators and players, which is satisfying in itself.

Why did Ortiz Gaming decide to expand its operations to U.S. and Asia in 2013? What are the most attractive aspects of these regions in terms of businesses for your company? How would you describe the current state of the industry in Europe?

Europe has remained a mainstay for Ortiz Gaming. In 2013 was announced several new installations and received several accolades in the European Market. Ortiz Gaming’s expansion into the North American and Asian markets, seemed like a natural progression. Ortiz Gaming has long been a household name in Europe and throughout Latin America, and as the popularity of our games and our business has grown, it was only natural to begin to grow the company more globally. We have had great success in every market we have entered, and 2013 was an amazing year for the company; the North American and Asian markets have welcomed us creating a demand our unique products. Ortiz Gaming is thrilled with the attention we have received with these markets – it was an excellent business decision.

In which Latin American countries is your company present? Are you satisfied with the commercial development of the Group in the region in 2013?

Ortiz Gaming is present in the major regions of Latin America. We owe much of our success to the popularity of our games in this expanse. The company’s growth globally allows us to further develop, and deliver quality products and games – in 2013 we did just that in Latin America, and had great success.

How do you consider Latin America in terms of its potential of progress in the industry? What recommendations would you give to a young European gaming company that would like to expand into Latin America?

First off, expansion into any new region is no easy task, and I commend companies willing to take their company cross borders and seas. Latin America is a gaming market prepared for continued grow. For Ortiz Gaming, when we expanded to the Latin American market it was a perfect fit, our video bingo products and family of characters were quickly accepted and allowed the company to grow. Our vision was and still is, to expand our operation, step by step and solidly; with quality as our goal.

Given a very strong position in the video bingo area, what other niches is your company searching or considering exploiting to further strengthen the brand in the global gaming?

Ortiz Gaming is constantly developing new games and always improving our current product line. Simultaneously, technology and innovation is constantly changing. The Ortiz Gaming brand always remains connected and informed to the changes in technology, so we can develop and create quality products for operators and players.

What are the main challenges and goals for your position in the next two or three years?

My main challenge is to command a team that continues to grow. I don’t worry too much about this because I have trust and confidence in Team Ortiz Gaming. They are experienced and capable professionals able to follow bold plans to expand the brand all over the world.