We provide Systems to offer players
and operators the best products
on the market.

Ortiz Net

Ortiz Net maximizes the management efficiency of our partners by organizing data and connecting departments.

It is a complete Data Management System that collects information from all Ortiz Gaming machines and controls operations, offering our partners access through a secure website.

Casino employees and operators can access their revenue numbers online in real time, in addition to managing reports and statistics. Ortiz Net also provides information about machine functions, coin-in and profitability per machine

Ortiz Cash

With functions that meet the financial control needs of a casino, Ortiz Cash provides state-of-the-art reporting in an easy to use format.

The Cashier System controls all financial inputs and outputs, generating reports and connecting machines with cashier desks. You can also choose between tokens or cards to insert credits into machines and perform automatic casino cash register closures.

The system is flexible, allowing personalized configurations such as defining employee access profiles and Financial Management functions.

Ortiz Media Screen

It is a communication system used to inform players of Jackpots. A big screen displays videos and animations while interacting through Community Bonuses. When a player wins the bonus, the OMS shows the draw and announces the winner.